The Stanley Center for Peace and Security catalyzes just and sustainable solutions to critical issues of peace and security by driving policy progress, advancing effective global governance, and advocating for collective action.

To build a safer world that avoids the use of nuclear weapons, the Stanley Center works with diverse stakeholders to develop governance solutions that take advantage of beneficial new technologies—and mitigate their potential risks.

We envision a world where the global community effectively limits the spread and avoids the further use of nuclear weapons.

This vision depends on an efficient and effective constellation of institutions, rules, regimes, and norms. While these approaches remain vital, we must acknowledge that nuclear governance stakeholders today face new, significant challenges as technology development accelerates.

Global efforts to stay apprised of and responsive to the implications of emerging technologies are essential. We must also look for opportunities to take advantage of disruptive technologies. And we must seek to understand and account for potential risks.