The goal of this site is to provide a single location on the internet where people can learn about the threat of nuclear weapons, the organizations acting to address this threat, and how individuals can take meaningful action to help rid the world of today’s greatest existential threat.

This site is a collaboration of every organization listed here, and unless otherwise specified, the content comes directly from those sites. We encourage you to visit the Organizations section to learn about the work of all of the nuclear organizations listed here. On each organization’s page, you’ll find some of the content they’ve shared with this site.

Then learn more about why even former US Defense Secretaries are worried about the nuclear threat. Visit the Get Informed tab where you’ll find the information these organizations have shared, including:

  • why nuclear weapons pose more of a threat today than almost any time in history,
  • the odds of accidental nuclear launches,
  • the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which went into effect in January, 2021 and finally makes nuclear weapons illegal for any country that signs the treaty,
  • national and international policies to reduce nuclear arsenals and end the risks associated with sole authority and hair trigger alert,
  • videos, podcasts, and interactive features,
  • the latest news related to nuclear weapons,
  • resources for a more in-depth dive into nuclear issues,
  • and much more.

On any page, we encourage you to click through and visit the sites, as they’ll have even more information about the topic or the organization. Plus, by visiting the organization’s site, you’ll increase traffic, which is a valuable statistic for any organization with a website.

And then, of course, we hope you’ll Get Involved. We’ve organized different opportunities for people to take action, based on the organization and the type of action. If taking action is new for you, you’ll find easier opportunities to get involved, like donating to organizations or signing petitions. But there are also opportunities to reach out to representatives, organize your own campaigns, or come up with ideas for more creative ways to address the nuclear threat.

We expect this site to grow and include more organizations, content, and ideas for actions that individuals can take to end the threat of nuclear weapons. If you know of organizations or information that should added to the site, or if you have new ideas for taking action, please contact us.

The concept for this site was first developed by Aaron Stupple, who was looking for a single location on the internet where people could go to learn more about the threat of nuclear weapons, the organizations involved in addressing that threat, and how they could help. He provided the majority of the support for this site, with additional support and hosting provided by the Future of Life Institute. The site was organized and built by Ariel Conn of Mag10 Consulting, with technical help from Michelle Weaver and Tom Cowin of Blackfin Webware.