Ploughshares Fund is the largest foundation in the world devoted exclusively to eliminating nuclear weapons. Their unique approach to grantmaking – crafted, tested and refined over the past 35 years – has delivered the best returns for peace and security time and again. We act as the hub of a diverse network of thought leaders, innovators and campaigners, while our own specialized team of media savvy experts and advocates brings widespread attention to nuclear issues. We take calculated risks, providing seed funding to explore uncharted strategies for reducing nuclear threats. Together, our grantees, partners and community have made significant progress in cutting risks and reducing nuclear weapons stockpiles since their peak in the 1980s.

  • Podcast: Press the Button
    An engaging podcast on nuclear policy and national security, Press the Button is co-hosted by defense experts Tom Collina and Michelle Dover of Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation.
  • Russia
    Latest News and Analysis on Russia and Nuclear Weapons
  • North Korea
    Latest News and Analysis on Nuclear Weapons in North Korea
  • The New Nuclear Arms Race
    Latest News and Analysis on the New Nuclear Arms Race
  • Iran Nuclear Agreement
    Latest News and Analysis on the Ongoing Struggle to Defend the Iran Nuclear Agreement
  • What Ploughshares Funds
    “Ploughshares Fund helps make the world more safe and secure.” It’s a simple sentence, but it’s supported by complex work.