Council for a Livable World, based in Washington, D.C., is a national nonpartisan 501c(4) nonprofit founded in 1962 by Manhattan Project nuclear physicist Leo Szilard. Szilard’s vision was for an organization that would both educate decision-makers and the public on nuclear issues, and raise money for Congressional candidates seeking to reduce the nuclear threat. Since our founding, we have helped elect nearly 400 Members of Congress who share our vision for a more livable world.

  • Meet The Candidates
    The Council for a Livable World endorses Congressional candidates who will support smart nuclear arms control and non-proliferation policies, who will fight for a more accountable Pentagon budget, and who will prioritize diplomacy over conflict.
  • Legislation and Issues
    It is easy to look at the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and assume there is nothing you can do. But you can do something — in fact, the biggest successes in nuclear risk reduction were driven by everyday people demanding that their leaders step back from the nuclear brink.
  • Legislation & National Security Calendar
    The Council provides analysis of congressional legislation and other actions taken by members of Congress that impact national security and foreign policy.