In 2014, five of the largest peace and security funders in the United States joined forces to develop a new, collective approach to incentivizing and rewarding innovation in the nuclear threat field. What emerged was N Square, a path-breaking initiative built on the idea that new forms of cross-sector collaboration—combined with the sheer ingenuity of an engaged public­—will accelerate the achievement of internationally agreed goals to reduce nuclear dangers.

A project of the New Venture Fund, N Square is a hands-on alliance between staff, funders, and advisors working together to bring new ideas, new people, and new perspectives to nuclear arms control. By fostering “high-impact collisions” between experts from diverse backgrounds, we help nuclear specialists gain new perspectives on the possibilities of their work as innovators and influencers from other fields identify smart ways to apply their own expertise to solving some of our toughest nuclear challenges.

At the heart of N Square is the Innovators Network, a vibrant community of cross-sector leaders working together to prototype and pilot breakthrough approaches including open intelligence platforms, movement-building tools, and innovative uses of technologies such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning to verify arms control agreements. Innovators Network fellows are visionary leaders who recognize the opportunities embedded within tough challenges. They are scientists, game designers, Hollywood screenwriters, global security gurus. They are inventors, branding specialists, diplomats, Gen-Y satellite imagery analysts, and public radio producers. They are also philanthropists and investors keenly interested in sustaining systemic innovation and helping collaborative networks flourish.

  • Horizon 2045
    An audacious project to end the nuclear weapons century. What would be possible if we broke the stranglehold that nuclear weapons have on our imaginations, our policies, and our shared future?
  • Black Speculative Arts Movement
    The Black Speculative Arts Movement explores the future of security.
  • Into the Afrofuture
    Two leaders of the Black Speculative Arts Movement talk about their new collaboration with N Square—and what Afrofuturism brings to the task of envisioning a nuclear threat-free future.
  • Voices in Action
    How might we support individuals to better contribute their actions and ideas to affect impactful outcomes in their organizations and the nuclear policy field?
  • Greater Than
    How might the nuclear threat reduction field become one of the brightest sources of creativity and innovation on the planet?
  • Creative Nuclear Solutions
    Brokering new (and even unlikely) relationships between experts from diverse fields is core to N Square’s work.