Take Action: Support Policy

  • Meet The Candidates
    The Council for a Livable World endorses Congressional candidates who will support smart nuclear arms control and non-proliferation policies, who will fight for a more accountable Pentagon budget, and who will prioritize diplomacy over conflict.
  • Video: Scientists Support a Nuclear Ban
    A video of prominent scientists calling for a ban on nuclear weapons, presented at the UN during discussions regarding the creation of the TPNW.
  • Take Action via Win Without War
    Actions you can take to help reduce the threat of nuclear war.
  • Nuclear Policy Resources
    Win Without War develops foreign and national security policy and legislative recommendations for the ecosystem of Members of Congress and their staff, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and individuals.
  • Issue brief and recommendations: Nuclear weapons
    Download the brief here.
  • Nuclear Weapons Solutions
    Progress on US nuclear weapons policy may be slow and incremental—but it’s possible.
  • Nuclear Weapons
    They’re the most dangerous invention the world has ever seen. Can we prevent them from being used again?
  • Voters Strongly Support a “No First Use” Nuclear Policy
    The President should declare that the United States will never start a nuclear war.
  • Preventing Nuclear War
    It shouldn’t be easy to start a nuclear war.
  • What Ploughshares Funds
    “Ploughshares Fund helps make the world more safe and secure.” It’s a simple sentence, but it’s supported by complex work.
  • No First Use of Nuclear Weapons
    Under no circumstances should the United States start a nuclear war.
  • Nuclear Weapons Abolition
    PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program amplifies the health professional voice to increase and broaden grassroots support for nuclear weapons abolition and to cultivate legislative initiatives to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.
  • Get Involved with PSR
    PSR brings together physicians, health professionals and advocates to chart avenues for action on the most pertinent health threats our world faces today.
  • A World Free From Nuclear Weapons
    Campaign priorities for a world free from nuclear weapons.
  • Global Zero Nuclear Crisis Group
    Confronted for the first time with multiple flashpoints that could go nuclear with little or no warning, the world is in uncharted waters.
  • Campaigning Lessons & Examples
    Experiences of ICAN and Cluster Munition Coalition campaigners, offer some helpful lessons.
  • Why Divest? A Focus on Governments
    Governments can set norms, negotiate international law and national legislation.
  • Legislation and Issues
    It is easy to look at the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and assume there is nothing you can do. But you can do something — in fact, the biggest successes in nuclear risk reduction were driven by everyday people demanding that their leaders step back from the nuclear brink.
  • Legislation & National Security Calendar
    The Council provides analysis of congressional legislation and other actions taken by members of Congress that impact national security and foreign policy.
  • No First Use
    The idea is simple: we don’t need to use nuclear weapons first. We can protect ourselves and our allies without having to start a nuclear war.
  • Back from the Brink Advocacy Tools
    These advocacy tools are designed to help make your organizing efforts as easy as possible. If you have any questions, run into any roadblocks, or have suggestions for how to improve these tools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Endorse the Five US Policy Solutions
    Building broad support for fundamental change in U.S. nuclear weapons policy is no small feat — we need everyone to make it happen. Endorse Back from the Brink today!
  • Five US Policy Solutions
    Five nuclear policy solutions which would make both the US and the world safer.