Nuclear Treaties

  • An Open Letter from Scientists in Support of the UN Nuclear Weapons Negotiations
    We scientists bear a special responsibility for nuclear weapons, since it was scientists who invented them and discovered that their effects are even more horrific than first thought.
  • Country Profiles
    Country profiles include an overview of each country’s nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile programs, in-depth information on participation in relevant nonproliferation treaties and regimes, compilations of countries’ official documents relating to nonproliferation, and links to related content.
  • ICRC on Nuclear Weapons
    Since the first and only use of nuclear weapons in 1945, the international community has wrestled with the issue of how the law of war applies to such weapons.
  • NTI Education Center
    NTI’s Education Center offers extensive educational content related to nuclear policy, biological weapons, radiological security, and cyber threats for undergraduate and graduate courses in international relations, security studies, diplomacy, nuclear sciences, and more.
  • NTI Tutorials
    Tutorials cover the basics on nuclear weapons and materials and go deeper into specific aspects of global nuclear security, from missiles and delivery systems to radiological security and more.
  • Nuclear Disarmament Resource Collection
    More than seven decades after their development and use during World War II, nuclear weapons continue to be the basis for several states’ national security policies.
  • Nuclear Weapons History
    The road to a world free of nuclear weapons.
  • Nuclear Weapons Worldwide
    Thousands of nuclear weapons exist in the world. The use of even one could change life as we know it.
  • Physicians and Nuclear War
    Physicians first confronted the medical consequences of the use of nuclear weapons while struggling to care for the victims of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
  • Podcast: UN Nuclear Weapons Ban with Beatrice Fihn and Susi Snyder
    This interview took place just a couple months before the United Nations voted in favor of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts later that year.
  • The Catastrophic Harm of Nuclear Weapons
    Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, inhumane and indiscriminate weapons ever created.
  • The U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
    Everything you need to know about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Treaties and Regimes
    Within Treaties and Regimes, you will find information on treaties, organizations, and regimes relating to disarmament, arms control, and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
    The International Humanitarian Movement for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Video: Scientists Support a Nuclear Ban
    A video of prominent scientists calling for a ban on nuclear weapons, presented at the UN during discussions regarding the creation of the TPNW.
  • Why a Ban?
    Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and indiscriminate weapons ever created. That is why it is time to end them, before they end us.